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About GPES - > Management > Mission statement

Nature of the business -

  • To provide a professional, reliable and structured “corporate transport service”, globally.
  • To provide a relaxing, luxury and prestigious “5 star” travel environment.
  • To focus on customer satisfaction and security.
  • Setting and continually raising standards offering new ethics within its industry in terms of service level, comfort, refinement, technology, and above all safety & security.

Market sector -

The market sector and clientele within these events and industries are; the commercial/professional sector, (those that work/operate within the industry) and their guests; the corporate sector, (those that use the event(s) as a business promotional activity – hospitality, sponsorship, advertising), and their guests; and the VIP/VVIP & Elite sector, (those of high calibre or celebrity status), and their guests.

Value of Hospitality and Corporate Services -
Hospitality is no longer just about entertaining clients. It has evolved into maximising return on investment.

It presently costs five times as much to acquire a new client as it does to keep an existing one.

Yet the majority of brand owners haven’t even begun to discover the influence of hospitality and corporate services as a way of retaining and motivating clients or their employees in any meaningful way… (Official report – Source
“Maximising the Value of Hospitality”)

Which leads Corporations, Teams and Advertisers ask the question…
“How do I make my sponsorship more attractive?”

One of the philosophies and intentions of
GrandPrix EliteServices has been created to answer this question, to raise the bar within the corporate services & hospitality industry… to be a cut above the rest and take the next step in looking after the goodwill of its clients and in turn its client’s clients and guest, making the experience a more enjoyable, more memorable, more convenient, more outstanding and most of all more secure service, therefore aiding the relationship between client and guest, prospective business associate, partner or sponsor.

Solutions & benefits -


  • The need to make contact with only one company for all corporate transport requirements.
  • The chauffeur(s) will be assigned to the client throughout the event & season, and will have knowledge of their specific
    requirements and itinerary.
  • No “lost time” whilst in transit and “sitting in traffic” utilising the latest mobile office facilities, providing the ability to continue working whilst in transit.


  • Not being charged for each individual journey.
  • Saving the client the cost of calls and communication for each event of the season.
  • No middle man / agency fee.


  • Saving the inconvenience of going through the process of arranging suitable transportation throughout the event / season with numerous other sources, contacts and agents.
  • Providing the benefit of being more efficient, devoting the physical energy into more productive issues.


  • Providing a reliable, committed, duty-bound service saving the stress and hassle of organising transportation on an ad-hoc, unprepared basis.
  • With ever increasing laws and legislations concerning driving and road safety (speed cameras, mobile phone use, drink driving, traffic congestion), avoiding stressful situations and protecting your licence.

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