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Operations - Corporate Elite Transport

Vehicle Conversion Partner: Sherrod Vans

One of the most prominent features of the service revolves around its very high and exclusive level of service, emulated in the vehicles it provides.

The majority of the vehicles offered are people carriers fitted out to GPES’ own specification and luxury standard by specialist coach builders.

Key features such as that provided for privacy and confidentiality - vehicles are either fitted with a sliding dividing screen between the cockpit and passenger areas or the client/passenger area is fully self-contained – in both cases chauffeurs are contacted via an intercom system. All chauffeurs are bound by confidentiality agreements.

The technology included in the fit-out of the vehicles
encompasses navigation, entertainment and communication
equipment, providing a comprehensive office environment.

Aviation Partner: Bombardier Skyjet International

Through Partnership with Bombardier Skyjet International, GPES provides its clients with a host of invaluable benefits over that of commercial aviation, such as independent flexibility, increased security measures, peace of mind, refined comfort and enhanced timekeeping & reliability.
Flying privately with GPES permits our clients to use our CorporateElite Flight Service to any destination 365 days a year - business or pleasure, gaining convenient access to smaller airports than commercial airlines, 5,500 worldwide, landing closer to the client’s final destination, creating time and financial savings, with the added ability to predict and organise closer timing schedules in providing a punctual service. Additionally, corporate jet transportation also offers the flexibility to change or delay last minute schedules or the convenience of sending a private aircraft to pick up family, friends, business clients or colleagues at short notice.

Most imperatively in today’s security conscious society,
GPES enforces stringent and heightened security measures
in recognition and respect of its clients profile at all levels ensuring our clients travel relaxed and with total peace of mind considering all aspects of safety and security.

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