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Operations - Security

Sports event security is now a highly specialised discipline.
This requires the expertise of professionals drawn from
the police, armed forces and intelligence services as well
as event and facility management, to ensure that a repeat is
avoided of what has been described as the worst tragedy in
Olympic history during the 1972 Munich Games, additionally
the growing acts of terrorism that the world is witnessing.
GPES regards security as an extremely important aspect in today’s security conscious world and therefore is a prime area of this service.

Utilising the expertise of some of the most experienced individuals and organisations globally, we ensure the safety and security of its clients.

“Ensuring the safety and security of competitors, spectators,
officials and media should remain the primary objectives of all event organisers. And in the light of the ever-present, constantly evolving terrorist threat, sports event security has become a multi billion dollar business”. Official Report “Sports Security and Safety: Evolving Strategies for a Changing World” April 2006. Source: SportBusiness
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